What is "EKRAN+"?


EKRAN+ is a 22-day project based professional training programme, primarily designed for directors/writer-directors, focusing on the vision of their future film. This vision is elaborated through the combination of three major elements: the script, the audiovisual components and the collaboration with the other professionals involved in the shooting of the film.

EKRAN+ focuses participants on exploring, identifying and refining the tone and visual language of film. EKRAN+ aims at advancing participants’ treatments/scripts and producing two scenes from each script/ treatment.

Every participating project is represented by a Creative Team consisting of a director (or writer/director), a writer (or co-writer), a director of photography and producer.

The EKRAN+ process includes:

  • Treatment and / or script development; group and individual work on scripts and / or treatments
  • Preparation for shooting; casting, storyboard and individual consultancy with tutors
  • Shooting; tutors’ directing consultancies
  • Editing;
  • Evaluation; group and tutor analysis of the produced scenes

The creative team (director, screenwriter, and producer) are offered a choice of locations, actors and set design within the usual logistical and budgetary constraints. EKRAN+ supports shooting with expertise and help from casting directors, set designers and production managers.


Who can apply for EKRAN+?

EKRAN+ is based on teamwork and involves professionals from several fields. The primary target group consists of European directors or writer/directors who have realized their first feature or several shorts. In order to be accepted by EKRAN, the creative team should be consisting of: director or writer/director;  the writer or co-writer of the script (where applicable) the producer committed to the project, the director of photography they intend to work with.

How do I apply for EKRAN+?

The application must contain: 

1) CVs of all team members (3 copies, mailed as well

2) a 10 page (maximum) feature film Treatment (3 copies, mailed as well – (if the script exists it should be translated into English and available for individual consultancy for the first session)
3) proposal of two scenes from treatment/script to be realized within EKRAN+programme(3 copies, mailed as well

4) a letter of commitment from the producer or the producer’s production company (1 copy)
5) an entry form signed by all the members of the team (1 copy) – available here:
6) a DVD of the director’s work (1 copy)

More EKRAN+ info at: