Cinema Journalism Across Borders (CJAB) is a hands-on training of Directors Across Borders program of GOLDEN APRICOT IFF in collaboration with the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema journalists (Armenian National Section of FIPRESCI - The International Federation of Film Critics) and Yerevan State Institute for Theatre and Cinema. It is a platform for young film critics and journalists from the region and target countries of EP to acquaint themselves with current trends in world cinema. Therefore the main Idea of CJAB is cultural development of the countries in the region as the young journalist use their "pens" as bridges between audiences and filmmakers, helping to expand the range of films enjoyed in the region.  

Cinema Journalism Across Borders addresses the problem of isolation and information ‘vacuum’. It aims to ‘recover’ the role of the regional cinema journalism, develop professional exchange and cooperation with the neighboring countries. CJAB aims to develop and maintain professional network and thus to create tight cooperation of media and film industry between the partner states. It meets the needs of local/regional cinema journalists to have special professional training, cross-border cooperation and exchange.

CJAB also addresses the need and demand of general public to have professional ‘product’ (i.e. good quality information) on the local and regional film industry processes, films, etc.

Starting from 2008 in the frames of GOLDEN APRICOT International Film Festival CJAB invited international film critics and trainers and conducted trainings, workshops seminar/master classes to familiarize participants of the trainings with film processes and performance of media in their countries, and to develop necessary skills to raise cinema journalists’ objectivity, professionalism and critical approach and raise the level of their performance in the present-day film industry developments both in the region and internationally. While working together journalists from six EP countries produce the festival bilingual daily (covering films, festival events and DAB Forum, ATCP, and etc).