Traveling to another country is not easy or feasible for many people, especially those living in countries with struggling economies. Although not a replacement for experiencing culture in person, through cinema people can be transported across borders, and experience aspects societies and cultures far away that they might not otherwise have the opportunity. Through the cinematic journey, geographical distances are reduced. 

To harness the power of cinema in cultural dialogue and exchange, Directors Across Borders Eastern Partnership Project together with its partners will develop and organize a film anthology composed of films from the Eastern Partnership countries and organize screenings of the films, that demonstrate history, culture, traditions and human experiences of the countries framed within the context of building understanding and tolerance will be selected. In parallel to the screenings, it is planned to organize two symposiums on the role of cinema in regional peace and tolerance. The goal of the symposiums is to generate discussion and connections between groups around the region and help increase the awareness of culture and cinema in regional peace. The symposiums participants will be culture/film journalist, activists, filmmakers and public officials from Eastern Partnership countries.