Approaches to storytelling and film production management that developed out of the command economy and state controlled cinema during the Soviet Union, have become outdated in the wake of the competition with globalized, free-market based film production and cinema industries.  Local film culture and industry must now compete locally and internationally, both creatively and financially, against cinema from around the world. While there is a strong base of skills and knowledge in the technical and creative areas of film production (lighting, cinematography, editing, etc) in the Eastern Partnership countries, the approaches to story development and production management are still steeped in Soviet era approaches which slow the development of cinema.

Based on the feedback from young filmmakers from the region, and international trainers and cinema professionals that worked in many  Eastern Partnership countries, there is a great need for more updated approaches  in the Eastern Partnership countries. Unfortunately, emerging filmmakers in Eastern Partnership countries have limited exposure to new approaches and few opportunities to develop the creative and management skills and knowledge necessary to produce films that tell stories that are able to speak to both local and international audiences while providing good production values to potential financers.

To address this gap in learning opportunities in Eastern Partnership countries, DAB together with its Partner Organizations will pioneer an Online Film Workshop through which filmmakers in the Eastern Partnership Countries can expand their skills and knowledge in key areas of story development, production management and film marketing.