Media Initiatives Center


Media Initiatives Center (MIC) is the former Internews Media Support NGO (Internews Armenia).

Media Initiatives Center promotes freedom of expression and open media. The activities of the organization proceed from the belief that civil society cannot exist apart from independent and strong mass media. Towards this end, Media Initiatives Center organizes training courses for established and emerging journalists, promotes media literacy, advocates for improved media legislation and protects journalists' rights. The NGO develops multi-format information on human rights, European integration, civic conflict, migration, elections, national minorities, gender and many other issues for a wide range of target audiences.

Cinema Art Centre Prometheus
and Tbilisi IFF, Georgia


The Tbilisi International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the most important cultural events in Georgia. It was founded by the Prometheus film arts centre in 2000. It receives financial support from the Georgian Culture and Monuments Protection Ministry, Tbilisi city hall and the Georgian National Film Centre.

Over the course of its existence, the festival has acquired great importance for the entire South Caucasus region. The festival's aim is to introduce filmgoers to new film products of a high artistic quality, highlight new trends in film and facilitate the development of Georgian film industry.

The central and most important part of the festival is the competition for best debut and sophomore full-length feature films by young directors.

Internews, Ukraine


Internews Ukraine is one of the largest NGOs in Ukraine. Since 1996, Internews Ukraine has been at the forefront of supporting free and independent media, bringing advanced international experience to Ukraine. As of November 2012, Internews Ukraine has implemented over 200 projects, held over 500 trainings for more than 4,000 participants; produced over 270 television and 1400 radio programs covering political, economic and social topics.

Anadolu Kültür, Turkey

Anadolu Kültür Association is a nonprofit company. It was established in 2002 by representatives of arts and culture world. It is funded by its shareholders and Istanbul Bilgi University. Anadolu Kültür received grants from the Open Society Institute for the implementation of the Diyarbakır and Kars Arts Center projects. Various projects of Anadolu Kültür are also funded by the Delegation of the European Commission to Turkey, the Christensen Fund, the Chrest Foundation, the Prince Claus Fund, the Matra KAP and by the European Cultural Foundation.

Anadolu Kültür aims to encourage arts and cultural activities outside Istanbul, bring artists from Istanbul together with people interested in art in Anatolia and support local artists, promote cultural projects in Kars aimed at urban development.

Anadolu Kültür has participated in organization of Human Rights and Cinema Program in Kars, Trabzon, Diyarbak›r, Kahramanmaraş and Malatya, jointly with the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts and Istanbul Bilgi University. Together with the same partners, a Cultural Policy Program has been launched, aiming to underline participatory cultural strategies in Anatolian cities for the purpose of urban development. Anadolu Kültür organizes joint activities with local administrations and NGOs. It helps cultural programs take place in Anatolia, through its partnerships with cultural organizations based in Istanbul, Ankara and Europe.