Main preconditions for applying are:

  • The film has to be shot in Armenia and/or Turkey.
  • The crew should involve filmmakers from both countries: Armenia and Turkey.
  • The shooting must start after January 2014.


Other Rules and Conditions

  • The film proposals are to be suitable for Armenia-Turkey co-production. For co-production opportunities, check Making Films in Turkey and Armenia parts of the following website:
  • Only short and documentary projects are eligible.
  • Main crew of the film (director, script writer or DOP) has to be from Armenia and Turkey. The percentage of filmmakers from each country should be between 35% – 65%.
  • The workshop will be held in English. A translator will be provided in case of necessity during the presentations. But a translator won’t be present during the whole workshop.


Application Procedures

As a part of the application to the ATCP Project Development Workshop, the following documents in English should be submitted through the ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM of the ARMENIA-TURKEY CINEMA PLATFORM section of the website.  

  • Application Form;
  • Synopsis / Treatment;
  • Director’s / Producer’s statement;
  • Director, producer and script writer’s biography and filmography;
  • Time / Working schedule for project development;
  • Budget;
  • Finance Plan.


Application evaluation and selections


  • The applications will be evaluated and selected by the Selection Committee consisting of Armenian and Turkish film professionals.
  • Final selection results will be announced by June 10.


Lusine Martirosyan, Coordinator of DAB Project
GOLDEN APRICOT Fund For Cinema Development
#3 Moskovyan St. 0001,
Yerevan, ARMENIA

Tel/Fax: +374 10 52 14 01